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Getting permits...permission to build

Here we go...off to the city for permits with our plans!Photo of a computer generated rendering of a house
After all of our planning and all of the work by Nick Flood Design we are ready to apply for permits from the city. It takes hours and hours of time planning, drawing and making most of our decisions before a house ever gets built. All of this advance preparation goes into the planning of a house so that the problems get solved before the wood gets cut. I have to admit that throughout this planning stage my brain gets very busy thinking about how I will actually build it...
Photo of a custom house
Now that our theoretical planning is mostly done we submit these plans to the city for a development permit. The front and back of the house are shown above. The drawing below includes sketches of the existing neighbours homes with our theoretical home drawn in.
Photo of a custom house
The development permit determines whether the house fits into the overarching plans for the neighbourhood, protects the privacy of the neighbours, and they determine whether the house fits onto the lot within the yard setbacks and height restrictions that is permitted, among other things.
We should know in a 8 weeks whether or not any changes need to be made...then the building permit is applied for. The building permit double checks all of the structural and engineering plans and that the Alberta Building Code is followed.
Planning takes time but it is not wasted time...thorough planning makes a tremendous amount of difference to help ensure a smoother building process.
Contact us to talk about your dream house plans...and we can get started together.