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Renovations in Trying Times.

Making the Most of the Space You Have

In Calgary we have had some trying times. With the economic down turn and now a global pandemic, our community is ready for some new ideas!

I have noticed that after our collective gasp a lot of folks are realizing that the real estate market is not enticing them into making any big moves, but they are realizing that their homes do need some improvement.

Renovating your space can help bring some new energy into your home.

Clever customized design and innovative products can help revitalize your space and let you have more room than perhaps maybe you thought was possible. It could be simply shifting things around or maybe some new ideas.

Renovating your kitchen gives you the opportunity to use modern space saving ideas and organizers, more efficient or quieter appliances, storage solutions for your favourite dishes, new colours…really the possibilities are almost endless.

With smaller kitchens it is so important to capitalize on multifunctional gadgets and space efficient appliances as well as custom sized cabinets to get the most out of every inch. Part of making a small kitchen work is being able to maintain adequate and normal width aisles and counter landing pads. Overcrowding small spaces makes it feel cramped and ineffiecient. Make the most of what you have without trying to force in too many things makes the space that you do have work well.

It is important to get the clutter out of your small kitchen. Your kitchen counter is not an ideal charging station or a good place for your mail or your sound system. Making room for these common kitchen clutterers in another room in the house is often part of a kitchen renovation.

Some of my questions in our first meeting will be "what is not working in this space?", "what do you like?", and " what can you not live without?". Oh, and I usually ask if you like to bake, because I like to eat home made baking Winking

I am sure we can improve your space.
Contact us to find out how.

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