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What is a custom built home?

And what are the differences with a custom home

“One of a kind”- designed and built to suit your personal and family needs.

A custom built home is a collaboration between you, a designer/architect and your builder. You are involved throughout the design and building process. You help with many of the decisions: layout, exterior features, extra storage, built in closets, home office, bathrooms…your ideas shape your house.
Custom Builder
A Custom Builder is usually an owner-operated business. They manage the whole project, and contract and manage the team that builds your home. The work is done by tradespeople, or “sub trades”, who have a relationship with the builder. This helps ensure a quality built house and a pride of workmanship throughout which is the custom builders’ advantage.
During the build, modifications can be made if necessary, and a good builder will discuss any unforeseen issues or potential improvements as they arise.
Production Builder
A production home is built by a bigger builder from a stock plan, which can sometimes be cosmetically modified. Homeowners can choose their finishing selections in a showroom with the help of the builders’ staff.
Often these homes are more sub-urban, but increasingly production builders are moving into the inner city. A Production Builders’ business advantage often is their stock designs and their speed of production.
All production homes would be supervised by the company’s site supervisor, who oversees a district of homes built by their company.
Comparing custom homes and production homes is like comparing apples and oranges. They can both be good, but it is better if you know what you are buying.
No one boasts that their house was built the fastest - Most people want a well built house.
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